9-6 House Fire on Cedarhurst Road
By 2nd Vice President Kati Townsley
April 27, 2021

At 3:54 AM Reese & Community Volunteer Fire Company was alerted for a 9-06 Box Alarm for a House Fire at 2907 Cedarhurst RD in Finksburg.

Chief 9 was the first to arrive on scene at 4:01 AM to find a multi- unit 3 story wood framed home with heavy fire showing on the back and both sides of the structure. All occupants were reported out of the structure as of 4:03 AM.

Fire was contained however continued to burn and was declared under control at 5:54 AM due to numerous hot spots, increased fire load, and fire re-igniting throughout the attic.

Approximately 50 firefighters from Carroll, Baltimore, Howard and Adam's Counties responded to the scene and 9,500 gallons of water was pumped by Brush 95 to support the units on scene.

Medic 98 transported a female occupant of the home to Bayview, via priority 2 for non-life-threatening burns. Unit arrived at the hospital at 5:32 AM.

At 5:50 AM, Medic 139 evaluated a volunteer FF with minor burns, and received a refusal for treatment.

K-9 Kachina responded with the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office where the matter remains under investigation.

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Units: C-9, C 9-1, M9-8, E9-1, E9-4, Brush 9-5, PIO 9
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